Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yasu senpai's wedding photos

Congratulations to
Yasu and Utako's wedding on 10 May 2008.

Hello Yasu san, It's so nice to see your wedding photos!

For those who don't know Yasunori san,
he was our club senpai during 2003 to 2005 and has helped many Waikato members and beginners.
He also made a Japanese website for us and makes us famous in Japan!

Below is the mail from Yasu senpai on 30 August.

Hello Sam&Marleen.

It is great to hear from you! How have you been?

I attached my wedding photos, so please have a look. I have been thinking of sending you the photos much earlier, but I was too lazy....

My wife's name is Utako, same age as me.

It is great to know that John and Emily, and Lance and Ayako had married. Congratulations! Next wedding might be Jefferry and Yayi?

My new address is: ***** Hiroshima-city, Japan

BTW, I will be a father in April next year. Hope to have a cute child like Joyce!

Thank you very much for a wedding gift for me and my wife. I really appriciate your kindness.

Lastly, please say hello to everyone in the kendo club for me.


Yasunori Matsuura

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