Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tenugui shiai on 14th March 09

Due to Yukako and Kenji's enquiry to deliver 4 Tenugui to Dojo members, we had a Tenugui shiai in a normal training session.

Here are the result from Dan and Kyu devision:

Dan division: Amigo Huang.

Kyu division: George Liu.

Fighting spirit: Ann Chuang.

My comments:

1. The best match was Awatea v.s. Clement.

2. Regardless the outcome, what they did show people the spirit of 'sute-mi'.

It's 'the state of giving (something) one's all, prepared even to give up one's life. In Kendo, attmpting a single blow with all one's force during a match, without thinking of the outcome. (p. 98, Japanese-English Dictionary of kendo (AJKF, 2000))'
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