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Koboitchi – 2019 Yamagami Sensei Seminar in New Zealand

Koboitchi 2019 Yamagami Sensei Seminar in New Zealand  Photo Credit: Auckland Kendo Club Original text in Chinese by Sam Tsai English Translation by David Pan  This is the fourth time I have had the pleasure of attending Yamagami Sensei’s Kendo seminar. In 2016, the seminar topic was about the fundamentals of kendo: The five sections of the shinai – Jin-Gi-Rei-Chi-Shin In 2017, the seminar topic was regarding the “heart(mind) of self-control”, namely:  克己心 / こっきしん / kokkishin : the mindset of overcoming the self 平常心 / へいじょうしん / heijoshin : everyday mind  不動心 / ふどうしん / fudoshin : immovable mind  In 2018, the seminar topic is 三殺法 / さんさっぽう / San-satsu-no-ho or San-sappo 「竹刀・太刀を殺す」: Kill the sword 「技を殺す」: Kill the waza 「気を殺す」: Kill the spirit The topic this year is 攻防一致 / Koboitchi . Most kenyu probably heard of it by the more classical term 懸待一致 / けんたいいっち / kentaiitchi , a realm or level of understanding which we hope to attain one day thru training