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Seme and Footwork

Text forwarded from Marleen's Facebook: Sato Sensei, Kitamoto 2014  Utsunomiya sensei & Sakimoto San, Tokyo 2014  * I asked Sato sensei after Farewell Party @ Kitamoto Camp a question about Seme. I said, "Sensei, is there anyway we could train to make stronger Seme?" Sato snesei gently held my hand and told me,  "NO. strong Seme comes from good Suri-ashi". One day later, I had the honor to obtain Mutsumi Utsunomiya sensei's instruction. He showed me how it works. Since then, footwork means more to me. 我在北本外國劍道指導者夏令營最後一個晚上,問了佐藤老師一個盤據在我心裡很久的問題。我問:「老師,有什麼方法可以訓練出很強的『攻』?」老師溫和地拉起我的右手拍一拍並說: 「沒有這樣的方法。在劍道裡有效的『攻』來自於腳步...  放鬆妳的手跟肩膀,練習腳步是唯一的方法」 二天之後,我有幸可以得到宇都宮老師的指導練習。他充分展示了如何運用腳步進的攻法。 從此,「腳步」對於我有了全新的意義。 Some following conversation on Facebook ... Utsunomiya  Important point is not breaking down kamae, any time. But in fact, it is very difficult.  · 5 October at 22:14 Marleen Dear sensei, I couldn&