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Some waza video clips from YouTube - Robin

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Robin Parrington Dear All, Here are 2 clips that I have found so far... First one is for small men . second one is Furukawa sensei explaining(in Japanese) kote men . Also some good video from Furukawa sensei showing hiki waza Debana men Debana kote

Fill an ACC Form

Last evening, I visited Anglesea Clinic because my hand have been hurt badly. However, I was not able to fill the ACC form myself. Therefore, the receptionist helped me. She asked me, 'what is your occupation?' I replied her with 'martial art instructor'. She then asked me, 'how did you get injured?' I replied her, 'hit by my students'. Then she laught and said, 'they must be very good students'. I replied nothing but only smiled to her words. After two hours long waiting, the GP asked me the same question with curiosity. I replied him the same reason. Then he responsed me the same words as the receptionist. I replied him with 'for people in the starter level, it's really hard to manage their own power...' I succfully stop the GP's laught with a good reason :)

Training on 26th Feb. 08

Waikato Kendo Club Tuesday 26th Feb. 2008 6.10 – 9.00pm A. Management 1. Organising Club day volunteers. 2. Organising FF children’s day volunteers. B. Training I. Warm up time *Jumping suburi 20 + Fast jumping suburi 10 x 3 1. Kirikaishi x 3 2. Big semei M 5 x 4 3. Big K-M 5 x 4 4. Small semei M 3 x 3 5. Small K-M 3 x 3 6. Small K-M Hiki D 3 x 3 7. Small M Hiki M 3 x 3 ** 5 minutes break. II. Stage One -- Kakari-geiko with set movement 1. Start with Big M strike, Finished with big M strike as well. 2. Variation between KM/ KM hiki M/ KM hiki D/ M hiki M/ M hiki D ** 5 minutes break III. Waza Practicing – temp stop because not enough Big strike. IV. Free shiai Keiko with Senpai -- Leo/ Amigo/ Robin R./ Do-Hun/ Andrew F. Get commend from senpai after Rei. C. Afterward note… Training -- I feel most students really improved a LOT such as Annie Ko/ Clark/ Clement/ Amy/ Ann... I tend not to say too much during the training because I deeply believe the time (students make sense about certa

2008 NZKF Champs preparation from Feb. 08

Stage I More Kihon Kakarikeiko mainly Less Waza Focus Outline 1. Refine Big strike 2. Learning Small strike 3. Kendo Fitness 4. Catch opportunities 5. Physical flexibility Stage II Kakarikeiko Waza Less shiai Focus Outline 1. Refine Small strike 2. Learning basic Waza 3. Kendo Fitness 4. Catch/ Create opportunities Stage III Light training More Shiai Focus Outline 1. Refine Small strike 2. Refine Basic Waza 3. Mindset management Chief Instructor -- Marleen Charng

Beginner Class is essential

I just got an email from a very experienced martial artist who is interested in taking up Kendo with us. However, due to his busy schedule, he can only come to join our 7.00pm training. I feel awful to kind of saying "no" to him or anyone who is interested in Kendo. However, the beginner class is really essential! It is essential for both beginners and seniors in our club. I hope that we can have our own dojo one day soon. Then, we can train as much as we want to and teach as many beginners as they want! Below is my mail: Hi XXX It's glad to know that you are interested to start Kendo. I respect all your martial arts experiences and achievements. However, I feel bad to tell you that the beginner class is essential for you to "understand" and "enjoy" Kendo. As a martial art instructor, I believe that you also put members' safety as the first priority. Fighting with the bamboo sword actually is very dangerous, especially for beginners. We had some &q

2007 Beginner Cup

The 2007 Beginner Cup has successfuly concluded on 05 February 2008. I am pleased to witness the strong fighting spirits and the excellent learning outcomes for all the beginners who started their kendo journey in 2007. Congratulations to Awatea Williams who won the the Beginner Cup. Also congratulate to Ann Chuang , Clement Guo and Kevin Peng who won the Fighting Spirits Award. On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank all the senior members who helped for the event: Referee: Sam, Robin Parrington, Ruby, Do-Hun, and Henry. Score Board : Fumiko and Andrew. Mejirushi : William Kim, Robin Kim, Christopher and Joshua. Time Keeper : William Chuang Camera : Marleen (video), Ari, and James. More photos about the event will be available at our Club's album at Picasa, please allow few more days:

Grading Results - 26 January 2008

Congratulations to the following members who succeeded in the recent Kendo Grading on 26 january 2008. Ni Kyu (2nd Kyu) - Darrin Meynell - Ari Nuttall-Parton - Andrew Freser - Min Gi Kim 4th Kyu - Douglas Ferris - Awatea Williams - Kevin Peng - Clement Guo - Omar Soemadipradja - Ming Seong Kim 6th Kyu - Amy Chuang - Ann Chuang - Annie Ko - Tian Li - Wen Luo 7th Kyu - William Chuang Also, on behalf of the Club, I would like to thank Marleen, Robin and Sam for being the grading panel, Yayi for being the motodachi, Ruby for taking the video camera, and Diane for taking the photos.

FW: The London Cup Kendo Taikai - London England

Dear Kendo friends, We would like to warmly invite you to the London Cup, a Goodwill KendoTaikai that will be held in London UK on May 2-4th 2008. The London Cup is a 5 person Open team event, we will also be holdingindividual open taikai's for men and women. We would be most grateful ifyou could let your members know about our event. For full information please visit our website The online registration is now open and we very much look forward towelcoming you to London in May. Lets enjoy Kendo together, Kindest regards The London Cup Team