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Back to Kendo in 2014

Saturday 18 January 2014
On behalf of Waikato Dojo, I would like to welcome you back from Xmas and New Year holidays!

Here are some general guidelines and plans from me for our members:

For Kyu-grade members, executing strikes with ki-ken-tai-itchi is the main focus at this stage. Perform the kihon-datotsu (basic strikes) correctly. We will have a lot of training on kiai-seme-Men, Kote-Men, and kiri-kaeshi. It is important to focus on your own techniques rather than whether you can hit on your opponents. 

Be patient on this stage and there is no need to rush to move on to next stage. This stage is to build your foundation and you will find the long term benefit yourself!

Another important issues for kyu-grade members is about purchasing your own Kendo-gu (the kendo-armour, or Bogu). Once you decide you want to pick up Kendo, you are encouraged to prepare your own Kendo-gu. Renting bogu from club is just temporary or when you are not sure whether you want to pick up Kendo. 

For Sho-Dan and…