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[Hamilton Press] Hamilton sword fighting family says kendo not only for men

Hamilton sword fighting family says kendo not only for menKELLEY TANTAU Last updated 15:44, June 15 2017
Joyce Tsai, 15, is likely to be New Zealand's youngest kendo representative at the 2018 world championships, after learning the sport from her parents Marleen Charng and Sam Tsai.
When Sam Tsai moved to Hamilton in 1998 he didn't speak English, didn't have any money and didn't know anyone.
Despite this, he was encouraged to start up the region's first kendo club, and in 1999, he received 105 enrolments.
"I'll never forget this number," Tsai said.
Marleen Charng and Sam Tsai formed the Waikato Kendo Club in 1999. Their daughter Joyce now also competes.
Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art which descended from swordsmanship, and combines martial arts practices with physical activity.
"Kendo is not only a physical sport, there is a lot of philosophy behind it," Tsai said. "It can be a way of life."
In 2001, New Zealand held its very first…