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About my Kendo - Philipp, Rasmus and Rebecca

2006 Beginner Class A Grading Philipp I have always been interested in learning Kendo, ever since I was a kid.  Back then, it was all about the fact that I would've been able to whack people hard.  Now, though, I realise it is more about the communal experience of learning how to kill (with beauty and efficiency), among other things. I am actually really glad that I decided to give Kendo a go, and am eager to continue it in the future. Rasmus Why I go to kendo is because I find it to be easier and more interesting than all the other sports on offer.  It’s interesting to me because when training with the shinai it’s not just about the strongest or biggest hit.  What I also like about kendo is the fact that it has chosen to use brains over brawn, precision and skill over brutality and strength.  Kendo is easy and fun and I would vouch that almost anyone would like it if they try it. Rebecca I found Kendo online when I was loo

Claire: Using shinai to connect with each other

Grading on 7 May 2016 What an exciting day it is! I passed my 1 Kyu grading on my birthday 7th of May! But I think I could do better because I missed out lots of details. Most of things were told in normal training, but there were two outcomes I always have: one is brain forgets, second is that brain remembers but body can’t achieve.  For example, I didn’t control my breath when I was doing Kirikaeshi . I know what I should do is correct, but I always forget to do. Another example was I remember the distance to cut Kote is smaller than Men, but I still seme in big step, I even thought I did small but the fact was not. Using s hinai to communicate is also difficult to me, but I can feel I am making progress and getting stronger. As long as you attend training regularly, your muscle will remember what you need to do. During training, seeking advises from sensei and senpai , and then I need to thinking deeply and trying to do in the next time.  This is the secon

Ethan: My time at Kendo

Presenting the 2016 A Beginners' grading certificates Beginners Grading on 7 May 2016 My time at kendo - Ethan Baird I have enjoyed my time at kendo because I like learning about the samurai and the Japanese culture. I have also enjoyed making new friends with students from St Johns . I like that there are people that come from the university and afar.  The skills that I have learnt help me with my sports because kendo teaches me to use my left foot/leg and not just my right. Kendo has taught me to be confident as well. I also like how the teachers are friendly and will always give you some helpful pointers.

Raea: Brotherhood in Kendo

We beleive that the youngest New Zealand Kendoka is at our Dojo -- Rafael is 4 years old! He joined Kendo with his big brother Raea.   -Raea BainBridge - My Kendo experience began when I was at school and a notice for all beginning to go to a meeting with Mr Tsai . I was immediately interested as all of my friends had told me stories about Mr Tsai's experience with Kendo.  My first time doing Kendo was an awesome experience as I got to meet new people, interact with other St John's College students and meet the senpai. I was ecstatic when I got graded to 7th Kty and from that I am determined to do my best so that I can represent my college at the end of the year . My brother Rafael joined Kendo to be with me as it is something that him and I can do together. He was proud of getting his own shanai and getting graded.  Thank you to everybody for all the support that you have given my brother Rafael.