About my Kendo - Philipp, Rasmus and Rebecca

2006 Beginner Class A Grading


I have always been interested in learning Kendo, ever since I was a kid. 
Back then, it was all about the fact that I would've been able to whack people hard. 
Now, though, I realise it is more about the communal experience of learning how to kill (with beauty and efficiency), among other things.

I am actually really glad that I decided to give Kendo a go, and am eager to continue it in the future.


Why I go to kendo is because I find it to be easier and more interesting than all the other sports on offer. It’s interesting to me because when training with the shinai it’s not just about the strongest or biggest hit. 

What I also like about kendo is the fact that it has chosen to use brains over brawn, precision and skill over brutality and strength. Kendo is easy and fun and I would vouch that almost anyone would like it if they try it.


I found Kendo online when I was looking for something interesting and new to try. I'm interested in Japanese culture and I hope to do an exchange visit when I am at high school. I like the fighting aspect and the structure.