Claire: Using shinai to connect with each other

Grading on 7 May 2016

What an exciting day it is! I passed my 1 Kyu grading on my birthday 7th of May! But I think I could do better because I missed out lots of details. Most of things were told in normal training, but there were two outcomes I always have: one is brain forgets, second is that brain remembers but body can’t achieve. 

For example, I didn’t control my breath when I was doing Kirikaeshi. I know what I should do is correct, but I always forget to do. Another example was I remember the distance to cut Kote is smaller than Men, but I still seme in big step, I even thought I did small but the fact was not. Using shinai to communicate is also difficult to me, but I can feel I am making progress and getting stronger. As long as you attend training regularly, your muscle will remember what you need to do. During training, seeking advises from sensei and senpai, and then I need to thinking deeply and trying to do in the next time. 

This is the second year of my Kendo journey. I still remember clearly the first day when I came in the Dojo with curious heart. I was attracted by humour of Sam Sensei and harmonious atmosphere. I’m grateful to my boyfriend Gavin who brings me to meet the new world where lots of awesome people using shinai to connect with each other. We establish the precious friendship in life and create many unforgettable memories. Kendo fills with challenge but helps you to revaluate yourself through correct and rigid training. 

Thanks heaps to my sensei and senpai, they do not only teach me kendo knowledge but also have given me the warmest heart in the world.

Happy Birthday Claire!