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Kendo beyond the boundaries of dojo

I would love to share a Kendo reflection from the Hundred Suburi Club written by one of our Beginners who just got her Bogu sending from Japan and is going to have her first training with Bogu on this Saturday.  I am touched by seeing how much thoughts that she has put on linking Kendo and her everyday life and personal development.   * * * 05.05 300 suburi done.  There is definitely quite a difference to do suburi with and without the kote! Getting used to it with practice and patience! It felt like I have become familiar with suburi at the level of “no bogu kendo” but once I entered the next level everything is slightly different and new and it’s a whole new training. (Which is great!)  I also have two additional comments from today:  1) Like what says in the posted drawing “劍即人生” aka “kendo is life” - I get to apply and reflect many kendo concepts in my daily life. Even small things like reminding myself to put the lid back on the laundry liquid or tidy up an area after use is base