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2019 NZ Kendo Novice Championship Results

The 12th New Zealand Kendo Novice Championship 9-10 November 2019
We thank Jason Oh Sensei (6th Dan) from North Shore Kendo Club for his service as the Shinpan-cho (chief judge) and running the shinpan workshop in the Novice Champ. Huge thanks also go to Ben Chin, Makoto Kuroda, Naoko Stephenson, Walt Kim, Thomas Hong, Leo Lin, Luo Wen, Eric Viola, Ren Sayer, and Yoko Maruyama for their service as a shinpan. 
Shinpan workshop led by the Yondan Senpai 
This is the third time of Yon-Dan Division Shiai as a shiai demonstration for the novice Kendoka to learn from their high grade senpai but also providing an opportunity for these junior Kendo instructors to learn from each other in a shiai situation. We appreciate the efforts from all the participants: Naoko Stephenson (AKC), Wlat Kim (NSKC), Thomas Hong (NSKC), Luo Wen (WKC), Ben Chin (AKC), Ren Sayer (AKC), Yoko Maruyama (AKC), Eric Viola (AKC) and Leo Lin (WKC). 
Lastly, we thank Marleen Charng sensei for the efforts of orga…