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Training 29 July 2006

First of all, welcome to the new beginners just joined us this term. I sincerely hope that you will find Kendo is enjoyable and make it your life companion. All WKC members are welcome to post comment on this blog. If you are interested to be a co-author of this blog, please let me know. Also, please let me know if you already have a blog . Regarding the training yesterday, fews points come to my mind: 1. I found the the new training programme organised by Marleen is beneficial and enjoyable. Having Kakari-geigo between ji-geiko is helpful to remain our focus and physical flexibility. This is specially good for senior members. However, it is also beneficial for those who just put on bogu. Although you might feel it is tough, it will definately speed up your Kendo growth. 2. For those who have passed 7th Kyu, I think it is important that you can have your own bogu as soon as possible. Bogu is essential to your next level of Kendo learning and training. There is also an important issu

Training 27 July 2006

The idea of sharing the training reflection via our club's blog came to my mind after training yesterday at Fairfield Intermediate school. Hope the members attended the training will support the idea. There are at least three ways to share our ideas. One is to set set up your own Kendo training blog and let me know the URL. I will add it to here. The second one is that you can just post a comment here. This should be the easiest way to do. Or, you can apply an account here and I will make as a co-auther for this blog. OK. Starts from me .... 1. I felt very good that many new faces turned up for the training. It makes the training more enjoyable. It also reminds that I should encourage members who has put on bogu to participate the Thursday training and learn to be our club's "senior" members. 2. I was encouraged by Leo's spirit at the end of the training. I was tired already. But Leo's spirit encourages me to try harder and use my last breath. This really made

Beginner Class - Term 3

Dear All,   Our Term 3 beginner class will start from next Tuesday 18 July .   I hope to remind you that you are welcom to attend the beginner class again to review your knowledge about Kendo kihon. The current members do NOT need to pay any extra fee.   If you have missed out some lessons from the previous beginner class, now is a good time to come back for training and refine your skills.   The training time for "seniors" (for most of you) will be back to 7 ~ 9pm from next week.   If you know anyone might be interested to start Kendo or pick up shinai, please pass our beginner class information to them or ask them contact me.   Kind regards, Sam     Sam Tsai Waikato Kendo Club  

17 + 1 Dan

Dear All, Remember I wrote an article about Walter's 2nd Dan is our club's 17th Dan? Now I would like to share one more Dan with you. Xu Hua is one of our members who gratuated and went back to his hometown in China in last year. There was no dojo in his hometown at that time. However, it is so good to know that he could finally continue his Kendo training the beginning this year and pass his Sho-Dan grading in the 1st International Kendo Federation (IKF) Dan Examination in Shanghai few days ago. Here are some of his photos taken at that day: Join Xu Hua's Kendo talk at our forum: Kind regards, Sam