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Training tonight 2009-01-22 by Alba

Hello :) I asked sensei today if I could try my bogu to see what my poor sempais were going through when I hit them. I got the ok (probably because otherwise I would continue hitting like the girl that I am :P). Robin and Clement were very kind to show me even a little more of what kendo is. It's SO much fun! Yet, I also understood what sensei Sam said about kendo being two martial arts and not one; one pre bogu and one after. The first hit I received was scary however I also felt very secure as I found that yes, indeed, I did not die (though I was a bit stressed after, as I was waiting for the sky to fall, and it would not ). After that it become free and fun, fact for which I thank my sempais; especially Clement who showed how much fun the actual fighting/sparring can be. Thank you senpai Today has also increased my understanding of kendo a bit more. I'd like to share what I found with my fellow junior kendoka. Perhaps you know already what follows, case in which oh my god y