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A meeting of minds

A meeting of minds - both young and old!  Thanks to  David  for the great photo and Raoul for the deserved caption!  We don't separate the class by age groups,  instead we think all the members will benefit from this mixed age arrangement. Just like a big family, elders take care of younger ones and younger ones respect and learn from the elders.  Young people remind where we all come from; Elder people show where we are all going to.  * Refer to Raea's Brotherhood .  

Debbie - Kendo for life

Kendo for life We often hear the phrase ‘kendo journey’ and for each of us our kendo paths are different. And, depending on how long we have been studying and training in Kendo, it can so easily become part and parcel of our day to day lives. One such occasion happened a couple of weeks ago when I was preparing for a job interview . I am certain that my Kendo training played a key part in securing the position. These are some of the parallels I have been able to draw: Warm-up (Application) The initial application that I completed was the warm up for what was to come. In those documents I loosened up my prospective employer by letting them know who I was and what skills and experience I could bring to the role. Much like we do when we limber up at the start of each training session, this was an opportunity to show-case myself and prepare for the hard work that lay ahead.  Kamae (Basic assessments) The next phase of the recruitment process involved the completion of