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Sutemi leads Zanshin

2018-06-06 Wednesday Keiko - Sutemi 捨身 is an important teaching in Kendo that we need to commit ourselves to the strike that we think it is the opportunity/moment to deliver. 80% is not a commitment.  In Kendo, we actually don’t accept “quite good” or “OK”. While none of us are perfect, we always do our best and have full commitment to that “one cut”. This is why Kendo can benefit our life. It is the attitude that we all have gradually developed through Kendo training and that is also the important attribute that makes us special. - Dare to dream big such as winning a medal or achieving a Dan grade is the first step to achieve your goals. Don’t be too shy to say NO to your own dream. - Sutemi leads Zanshin 殘心來自捨身。 - Thank you for the training tonight and thanks to Rex for the photos.