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Janet - My first step on the path of the sword

My first step on the path of the sword I first encountered Kendo 剣道 about four months ago at a friends invite to come and see. And since then I’ve been going to the Waikato Kendo Club dojo to train as well as doing daily suburi 素振り at home and had recently passed my first grading. To my surprise Kendo has not only helped to train my body but has opened up a whole new perspective for me on life in general. I’ve always been fascinated by modern Japanese budo, and the philosophy behind them to follow a given path or way. Kendo - The way of the sword, is an excellent representation of it. Just like how good handmade swords are forged with care, patience and sweat from fire and hammer, the same can be said about Kendo. It is a way to discipline and shape our character through vigorous practice and training to become a better person that we can be proud of. And through time it helps to mold the mind and body , and cultivate a vigorous spirit , allowing us to gradually hone the skills to fi