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An awarding evening -- 2009 Blues Award

Oh, what a night!!! Just before Rembuden Taikai, I received an official letter from University Waikato informing me that I have been nominated to the WALLACE CORPORATION UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO BLUES Award, and will accept the award on 9th October, 6.00pm. I published this news to our emailing list and gave invitation. Thanks to Jeffrey and Ya-Yi, Annie, Amigo, Leo and Amy, Awatea, Clement, Adam and Debbie making themselves available for me to make me have a real awarding evening. It started from 5.40PM. Awatea dressed his formal suit and drove his blue pumpkin carriage arriving my house preparing to pick me up even without a notice in advance. I was so surprised by his thoughtful and lovely manner when I was expecting Debbie to meet me at my home. Because I planed to bear with my sore lower back driving ourselves to the venue. That moment, I feel myself is a modern Cinderella. As usual, we are the only one and the strongest team in any event when we all get

Mason Senpai's 'Out standing Service' award in Taiwan

Many of you might not know him, Mason Ma, one of your senpai from Waikato kendo Club. Due to his father's lung cancer, Mason choose going back to Taiwan and complete his Army service after graduated from University of Waikato. This article from newspapers is about he has been awarded with his 'Outstanding Service' within 100 competitors who provides service with their second language background in the Amy. It's also listing many of his contribution to Church and community in his private time. I believe you do feel proud of him as I am.

My Rembuden ... A story in 3 parts .... Part 3 by Robin Parrington

Shiai over we load our gear into the cars and say our goodbyes to the other kendoka. Someone comments that although a nice city, “Wellington is far too cold for us northerners and that if we didn’t know better we’d think it was going to snow!” Next we drop Marleen and Joyce back in the city centre so they can do some sightseeing…. More goodbyes then we’re off. The journey starts off ok; the cars stay a little closer this time. We stop for a quick coffee … the barista is quite rude to Do-Hun. I will take this opportunity to apologize to Do-Hun for not admonishing the barista for his rudeness. Sorry Do-Hun. We drive on. After a couple more hours its starts to get dark and we pass a sign saying Road Closed. Unsure which roads are closed we stop for fuel at a one horse town called Hunterville. The lady in the petrol station tells us that not only is highway 1 closed because of deep snow but she thinks our alternate route highway 4(national park) is closed too. Do-Hun says that now even the

My Rembuden ... A story in 3 parts .... Part 2 by Robin Parrington

Part 2 On to the shiai. We arrive at the venue in good time for the weigh in. All is well so Adam and George get changed. The Taikai is officially opened and the competition begins. First to fight are the juniors and as there are only 4 competitors the action is over quite soon. Next up are the ladies for the women’s open. We didn’t have any ladies entered so again we sat and enjoyed the action. Maybe next year? Annie? Debbie? … Or? Now it’s time for the kyu grades and we have Adam and George competing so our adrenalin starts to flow. The format is of pools of 3 or 4 and the top 2 from each pool go through to the next round. Then quarter, semi and then the final. Adam. Fight 1: Step in, bow, three paces, draw shinai, sonkyo. … Hajime! Within 10 seconds they clash and Adams opponent is on the floor. From now on Adam seems a little thrown and is not fighting like the Adam we know. Slowly Adam begins warm up and relax a little. I can’t recall exactly how the fight went but Adam lost.

My Rembuden ... A story in 3 parts ... by Robin Parrington

Part 1 .... I must start by saying that this report may not be 100% accurate and may be a little embellished in places but it is how I will remember our adventure. Our journey starts with a rendezvous at Marleens house at 07:45 on a cool but sunny Friday morning. We all arrive and load up our gear into the cars and as previously arranged we set off at around 08:10. Awa’s car leading a loose convoy we have agreed to meet up for morning tea at Taupo. After a couple of hrs driving my car arrives at the meeting place and to our surprise we are the first there. A quick phone call to George and we learn that Awa’s group has decided to show Do-Hun a little of New Zealand and have made a quick detour to Huka falls. It’s not a problem; we just rearrange to have our next meet up in Wellington. Another 6hrs of tiring but uneventful driving sees us arrive at Rowena’s lodge (our backpacker accommodation) at around 16:00hrs. Awa is now about an hour behind us. Wearily I ring the bell and am

2009 27th September Kendo promotion in Ethnic Soccer Festiva

One of the causes behind a successful tournament trip

It's often to say 'there must be a wise woman behind a successful man' if a man has achieved a great achievement personally or socially. It might be true. But this time we might have to make a little bit change regarding the successful troop went to 2009 Rembuden Taikai. There are ususlly involve with lots of elements to form a good team regarding competition, especially when it comes with long distance travelling, accommodation and relevent expenses. However, this year we do have a strong team to participant in the 10th Rembuden Taikai via Robin's passionate recruitment. Besides all the Dojo member put efforts on training with the representative team, there is a small group leading by Jeffrey who did very important contribution on promoting Kendo and funding the team. On 27th September, Jeffrey Ko (san-dan) led a small group combined with some senior and junior Kendoa from Waikato Kendo Club to deliver a demonstration on 2009 Ethnic Soccer Festiva. They are Ya-Yi Huang

Rembuden Taikai - 2009

Dear Teams, This is your coach Marleen ^^ I would like to make an official report regarding the teams achievement on 10th (2009) Rembuden Taikai . There are few devisions of the tournament : 1. Junior Open 2. Woman's Open 3. Man's Kyu Open 4. Man's junior Dan Open (1st~2nd Dan) 5. Man's senior Dan Open (3rd Dan and above) 6. Interclub teams Open Here are our teams achievement: Individuals: * George Liu won 2nd position in Man's kyu open * Clement won Fighting Spirit * Do-Hun won Fighting Spirit Teams: * Team A (Awatea, Clement and George) won 3rd position in Team's open * Team B (Robin, Do-Hun and Adam) lost to the Champ team (Auckland A) in their 2nd test. Their achievement is your achievement too since you are part of the squad. Thanks to you or we won't have such a successful trip down to the Wellington. Also, I like to publish our gratitude to Debbie, Grant and little Joyce for their constantly and generous support over the weekend. Let's work