One of the causes behind a successful tournament trip

It's often to say 'there must be a wise woman behind a successful man' if a man has achieved a great achievement personally or socially. It might be true. But this time we might have to make a little bit change regarding the successful troop went to 2009 Rembuden Taikai.

There are ususlly involve with lots of elements to form a good team regarding competition, especially when it comes with long distance travelling, accommodation and relevent expenses. However, this year we do have a strong team to participant in the 10th Rembuden Taikai via Robin's passionate recruitment.

Besides all the Dojo member put efforts on training with the representative team, there is a small group leading by Jeffrey who did very important contribution on promoting Kendo and funding the team.

On 27th September, Jeffrey Ko (san-dan) led a small group combined with some senior and junior Kendoa from Waikato Kendo Club to deliver a demonstration on 2009 Ethnic Soccer Festiva. They are Ya-Yi Huang (sho-dan), Amigo Huang (ni-dan), Annie Ko (ni-kyu), Joyce Tsai (5th Kyu), and two beautiful new Kendo lady Chui Suan Low and Gaelle Guyader (from France).

Jeffrey used very limited time, 3 minutes, to deliver a conprehansive Kendo knowledge to the spectators. After then is the group demonstrated some basic strike, Annie and Joyce did Kata performance the completed with Ya-Yi and Amigo's extraordinary combat with each other. They indeed attracted some people coming to ask after all the performance.

With their successful demonstration, coordinator of the event present a 100 dollars' cheque to Jeffrey. Back to Dojo, this fund been passed to our troop to attend Rembuden Taikai.

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