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Wei - Recognizing the Waikato Kendo Club

The Waikato Kendo Club (WKC) is a university-based club. It was established by Sam Tsai and Marleen Charng, a young Taiwanese couple, in March 1999. The Club started with one member and has rapidly developed into the biggest New Zealand Kendo Club after merely five years. The majority of WKC members are university students. Now the club has about fifty members, from age seven to sixty, with various cultural backgrounds. Significantly, it is the only Kendo club being run by new immigrants in New Zealand so far. Marleen is also selected to be the first Asian staffs members of the New Zealand Kendo Federation . Although the WKC is a fairly young club, it has developed well in both its kendo strength and its club organisation. In 2002, the Waikato Kendo Club represented the NZKF participating in the Second Asian (Regional) Invitational Kendo Tournament, in Hong Kong . Eventually, this New Zealand team brought back a bronze medal by competing with sixteen male teams and eight female t