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The meaning of dojo - Inoue Yoshihiko hanshi

Inoue Hanshi's speech on 'the meaning of dojo' for the new Auckland Kendo Dojo Opening Ceremony (12 July 2008): "In relation to the speech given by President Sayer about the dojo, I would just like to comment about the meaning of what a dojo is: a dojo is a place for people to conduct the study of their life. When we speak about this study, it is really the study about one's own heart. In the process of this study, we acquire the elements that make us human beings. From the very beginning, from the time that we were born, we come to this “road” of life with a very pure heart, but in the process of growing up and coming of age, there are a lot of effects on our lives, things that we learn and the understanding that we come to have, and in this way, that pure heart of ours, we can say, becomes soiled or takes on some mistaken understanding about the meaning of life. With time and the impact of the events that have occurred in our lives, some troubles accumulate in

2008 NZ Novice Kendoka Champs

Forwarded email: 2008 New Zealand Novice Kendoka Champs Official Information Dear Kendo Friends The New Zealand Novice Kendoka Open Championship 2008 will held in the Waikato Kendo Club, Hamilton at 1st November, please find attachment of the registration form for the championship, please complete and send the form back no later than 10 of October 2008 (Dead Line). Purposes of the tournament: i. To provide more opportunities for new kendoka to get together and enhance their shiai experiences. ii. To provide opportunities for veteran kendoka to grooming shinpan for kiwis. Name: The 1st New Zealand Novice Kendoka Open Chamioonship. Entry fee: $30 per head. Free lunch will be provided by the hosting organization. Venue: SOE Gym, Gate 4, University of Waikato. Hillcrest Rd. Hamilton. Date: 1st November, 2008. Time draft: 8~9am shinpan seminar, The shiai will start right after the seminar. Participants: the competition only eligible for people who currently train/lear

Ari's band - The Dusk

Grading in 2008 January We (The Dusk) are playing tonight (9 Oct)! Possible slightly late notice... At around ten thirty at the Flow Bar on Victoria St. It's part of the mammoth band experiments, you can learn more about it at: or visit our myspace at: if you can't make it but are still keen to listen some of our songs :-) Anyway that's it lol. thanks heaps, Ari. + + + + + Follow Up + + + + + Howdy folks, My Band (The Dusk) have come runners up in the mammoth band experiments competition. which was pretty good fun by the way! :-) However if we are going to play in the finals of this competition we need all your votes. Stenn, Liam and I would really apreciate it if all you guys could help us out by voting for our band at this link: Don't forget we're The Dusk! Thanks heaps,Ari.

Kendo - book sharing by Mark_V

Last week, Sensei Marleen kindly lent me two books on Kendo to read….. & then asked, if I would share with you all, my thoughts on them. I said no problem; I’m a fast reader …. Sensei Marleen just smiled…. The first book is simply called Kendo (The Shambhala Guide) and is written by Minoru Kiyota . Let me tell you, there is nothing simple about this book. Little did I know that I would find myself reading and re reading its pages over again and again, drawing upon just how much the information within those pages directly related to what we are practicing now even at this early stage of our Kendo journey. For example, when we faced each other in practice last week, focusing on our Kamai, focusing on our Ki Ai, focusing on each others eyes…. I started thinking to myself – “man that Daniel’s a big guy for a young fella, He’s got a big reach and he looks really determined!” For a split second I found myself doubting how I would deal with him as an opponent – In my mind the answer was