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Reflection from Glenn - One-Kendo with different focuses

Dear all, A great time was had at Ken's celebration on Wednesday , and AKC were very happy to see a representation from Waikato. Jordan's speech to the dojo was very professional and I think he covered everything that Sam and Marleen had asked very well. The point was made, both from us and by AKC, that we all enjoy such events as an opportunity to re-establish friendships and be part of our larger kendo community. Getting together for a shiai is about "competition", seminars people are often focused on their grading. At informal keiko however, we can be in an attitude of one kendo, to learn from each other and enjoy each others company. Therefore, AKC has extended the invitation to us to practice together at least once every 2-3 months, and we should alternate who travels to each others home. I personally found the evening challenging. It is true that there is "one kendo", and theoretically all people of the same level should have been taught