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2015 Novice Championship Results

Results of the 8th New Zealand Novice Championship 7-8 November 2015 Youth Division (under 14) 1 st Position Joyce Tsai WKC 2 nd Position Chihiro Igarashi  JSK 3 rd Position Rosa Hartnoll  JSK  Fighting Spirit Jake Fanstone  AKC  Women's Kyu Division 1 st Position Oceane Porterat AKC 2 nd Position Chihiro Igarashi  JSK  3 rd Position Cong Wang  AKC  Fighting Spirit Rosa Hartnoll  JSK  Women's Dan Division 1 st Position Lina Igarashi JSK 2 nd Position Joyce Tsai  WKC  3 rd Position Masayo Ookuma JSK  Fighting Spirit Claire van der Goes  WKC  Men's Kyu Division 1 st Position Alexander Finch DMK 2 nd Position Tony Zhong  AKC  3 rd Position Felix Chu 

Leon: Why we are practicing Kendo and we are still peaceful people

Why we are practicing Kendo and we are still peaceful people? I think it’s a really common question for everyone. Few weeks ago before Rumbudan Taikai, I was talking to my professor and said we would have a competition in Wellington and I need to settle down my topic for my report as soon as possible, so I can get it down before I go. And my professor asked what kind of sport do I do. I answered that it’s a Japanese martial art called Kendo . My professor was so surprised and said that "I take back all the things I said to you and don’t hurt me". I know he is only joking. But in real life, many people just take it for granted that all budo or martial art is equal to violence and even a lot of martial art learners have that kind of thinking as well. Personally, I think it’s not quite the case. I think the reason why we practice budo is that we want to have peace. Like we are learning Kendo, we learn the techniques, the mind set, the self control, but no one ever taught