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Introducing: System Toyo Gaigo Japanese Language School

For your information regarding learning Japanese and training Kendo in Tokyo, Japan. * * *       Dear Chief Instructor Sam Tsai Sensei Hello again. We are pleased to annouce the Summer course (learning Japanese language , martial arts and culture, etc) , taking place from July 6-31 , 2009 in Tokyo , Japan. The students can do Kendo during stay. We recommend Kyumeikan Dojo, Tokyo. This will provide valuable course to know Japan for foreigners. Students can enjoy to travel and have an experience before or after the course , too. Further information is available in the the attached details. Our school has about 140 students from 21 countries, USA , France , Tunisia , Peru, UK , Italy, Thailand , Russia , Hong Kong , Singapore, Finland , ermany and other Asian countries. We also offer 3 month course (temporary visa) or a long term course. 1 year student visas are provided. We accept new students from July, October, January, April (4 time

Invitation: The London Cup 2009

The 2008 Asian Zone Kendo Sinpan Seminar in Soul, Korea, where I met Mr. Fitzgerald from UK. * * * Dear Kendo Friends in East Asia We would like to warmly invite you all to join us at this years London Cup International Kendo tournament in England. The event is now in it's second year and will be held on May 1-3rd 2009 . The London Cup is spreadover two days, has individual men's and women's shiai, plus an open fiveman tournament. Based in the heart of Central London, close to famous landmarks and excellent transport links the tournament aims to bring anexciting and dynamic event to the Capital. International interest in the tournament has been very high, and we have confirmed attendance from many European National Teams, such as the Italian, Swedish, Dutch, French, British, and Spanish National Teams, and the German ladies Team that placed third place in the Taipei WKC. We also have Kenshi visiting us from the United States and Hawaii. We would love to welcome kenshi from

History - The 1st All Japan Kendo Championship

One of our members knows one Kendoka who learned Kendo "few decades" ago but has stopped for a long time. He asked me why the Kendoka seems to have different styles from what we are doing. Actually, I think that there are no much difference but just evolved to a "finer" way. Some core concepts such as Sen , Seme , Sutemi and fighting for central line etc are still the very important concepts today. Anyway, it is really a pleasure to watch the video clip of The 1st All Japan Kendo Championship in 1952: Hope you will get some inspiration from these great senseis.