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2017 Novice Championship Results

11 November - Open Ceremony 12 November - Closing Ceremony The 10th New Zealand Kendo Novice Championship 11-12 November 2017 Acknowledgment  We started the first Yon-Dan (4th Dan) Division Shiai as a shiai demonstration for the novice Kendoka to learn from their senpai but also providing an opportunity for these junior Kendo instructors to learn from each other in a shiai situation. We appreciate the efforts from all the participants: Naoko Stephenson (AKC), Rina Igarashi (AKC), Alice Graham (Yoshinkan), Wlat Kim (DMK), Kai Yoshitani (WKC), Leo Lin (WKC), and Awatea Yi-Williams (WKC).  We thank Alan Stephenson sensei for his long service as the  Shinpan-cho  (chief judge) and running the shinpan seminar in the Novice Champ. Huge thanks also go to Sam Tsai,  Naoko Stephenson, Oscar Xing, Rina Ugarashi,  Sayuri Takeyama, Walt Kim, Alice Graham, Kai Yoshitani, Leo Lin and Awatea Yi-Williams for their service as a shinpan.  Lastly, we thank Marl