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From French Team's training video

Hope to share some e-mails inside of our dojo members: ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Marleen Date: Tue, Mar 31, 2009 Subject: [waikato-kendo] French team's training Dear Teams, The file is about French team's intensive training news for 2009 World Champs.,,4323220,00-serie-arts-martiaux-le-kendo-.html You can see there is not much different between our and their training ^^ It tells us the very important element of Kendo is still TRAINING. Through training, you will experience different stage of mentality then you learned and improved. That's we say: through technique training to cultivate your mind ^^ Make sure, you stay in Kendo longer then your expectation. See you this evening Marleen ^^ ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Sam Date: Tue, Mar 31, 2009 Dear All, As some of you know that I started my Yoga journey about one and half years ago in Taiwan. I would like to share my Yoga learning experience with you. My


I think that most of us have heard this sentence before: The purpose of Kendo training is to make a better person but not necessary a better fighter. I went to instruct Kendo at THU Kendo Club last night. During the break between suburi keiko and before putting on Bogu, I asked the students why do they like Kendo people? How do they feel about their favourite Kendoka? I don’t know how to exactly translate those Chinese terms. However, all of those messages express that they feel very good about someone who can show an attitude of self-discipline. For those who make them feel they have good self-discipline, they also have good and strong Kendo, especially we can feel this from their vigour. And their “good and strong” attitude does not exist in Kendo Dojo only but “emitting” from them all the time! :) I am very happy for this answer because this is what they really feel but not come from my mouth. I use Kendo terms to explain to them that when we haven’t put on bogu, instructors can ch

Tenugui shiai

2009-03-14 Tenugui shiai Due to Yukako and Kenji's enquiry to deliver 4 Tenugui to Dojo members, we had a Tenugui shiai in a normal training session. Here are the results from Dan and Kyu devision: Dan division : Amigo Huang. Kyu division : George Liu. Fighting spirit : Ann Chuang. * * * Comments from Marleen: 1. The best match was Awatea v.s. Clement . 2. Regardless the outcome, what they did show people the spirit of 'sute-mi' . It's 'the state of giving (something) one's all, prepared even to give up one's life. In Kendo, attempting a single blow with all one's force during a match, without thinking of the outcome . (p. 98, Japanese-English Dictionary of kendo (AJKF, 2000))'

Debana Kote

The 6th All Japan Kendo 8-Dan holder's Invitational Tournament was held at Nakamura sport center in Nagoya on 20th April 2008. Endo (Tokyo) hit Kote and beat Ujiie (Tokyo) at the Final Match !!! Right[Red] UJIIE Michio(Kyoshi 8-dan,Age 56) Left[White] ENDO Masaaki(Kyoshi 8-dan,Age 57) 決勝戦 「赤」氏家道男 56歳 教士八段 東京 「白」遠藤正明 57歳 教士八段 東京 Source: DVD 第6回 全日本選抜剣道八段優勝大会

2009 Beginner Class

Models are 2008 Beginners 2009 Waikato Kendo Club's Beginner Class starts on Thursday 12 March 2009 6-7.30 pm SOE Gym, Waikato University Gate 4, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton Children, Young People, Girls and Boys and Age between 8 to 80 are ALL WELCOME!!! Come and become a Modern Samurai with us. For more information, please e-mail: .