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8th Kyu Grading (for Gi & Hakama)

Original post on our club's previous forum Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2004 9:45 am Post subject: 8th Kyu Grading (for Gi & Hakama) * * *  It's our club's tradition that beginners should pass 8th Kyu grading before putting on Gi & Hakama (the Kendo cloth & skirt). Normally after 2 months learning and training, all beginners are expected to perform Suburi well. This is the first grading for our beginners. The items in the 8th Kyu grading will include: 1. Kamae 2. Footwork : forward-backward, right-left, and diagonally.   suburi : The act of swinging the shinai up and down vertically or diagonally. 3. Joge-buri : vertically 4. naname-suburi : diagonally kukan-datotsu : Image an opponent in space, and strike the targets. 5. Men 6. Kote 7. Do 8. Side Men 9. Kote-Men 10. Kote-Do That's all and please don't worry too much. Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 3:58 pm    Post subject: What virtues do the hakama pleats represent? * * *  Wh

Chris's reflection on the Kendo's Gruelling Challenge

Kendo's Gruelling Challenge (original English narration) Watching the video, I was impressed by the dedication of Kendo participants. It is clear Kendo has a formidable learning curve, but one in which height is no advantage, age no barrier. It is all about patience and experience. To be in command of one’s emotion is to open one’s mind, to be in control. Only when the mind, body and sword are united as one can you master your strike. While it was really sad when Koji died, I was impressed by Kenichi Ishida Sensei , and his dedication to the competition, and desire to succeed for his son’s sake, as much as his own. It made me think, particularly when he reached the written exam, just how much work I have to do. Kenichi Ishida Sensei and Kai Miyamoto Sensei’s journey’s made me think of my own challenges and weaknesses, and how I want to address them. As an over-weight smoker, I am nothing like the young man I once was, and while I cannot turn back the clock, I hope Kendo w