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InfoPack - 2015 Novice Champ

Important Information The New Zealand Novice Championships, hosted by the Waikato Kendo Club, is a competition aimed at lifting Kendo experiences for junior Kendo practitioners. This competition will also provide shinpan training for senior Kendo practitioners with the New Zealand Kendo Federation’s (NZKF) support.
Date: -7th November: Referees’ Seminar, Individual Competition & Prize Giving -8th November: Inter-Club Team Competition & Prize Giving
Location: -Gate 4, School of Education Gym, Hillcrest Road, University of Waikato, Hamilton
Entry Requirements: -Entry to the competition is open to members of the NZKF
Entry Fee:  Spectators are freeEntry fee for people aged 14 and under - $70 per competitor (lunches will be provided) Entry fee for all other entries - $80 per competitor (Tea/snack & lunches will be provided)Entry for shinpan (4th Dan & above) and attendants of the shinpan seminar is free (if you plan just to be referee only).

Notes and Requirements