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InfoPack - 2015 Novice Champ

Important Information
The New Zealand Novice Championships, hosted by the Waikato Kendo Club, is a competition aimed at lifting Kendo experiences for junior Kendo practitioners. This competition will also provide shinpan training for senior Kendo practitioners with the New Zealand Kendo Federation’s (NZKF) support.

-          7th November: Referees’ Seminar, Individual Competition & Prize Giving
-          8th November: Inter-Club Team Competition & Prize Giving

-          Gate 4, School of Education Gym, Hillcrest Road, University of Waikato, Hamilton

Entry Requirements:
-          Entry to the competition is open to members of the NZKF

Entry Fee: 
  • Spectators are free
  • Entry fee for people aged 14 and under - $70 per competitor (lunches will be provided) 
  • Entry fee for all other entries - $80 per competitor (Tea/snack & lunches will be provided)
  • Entry for shinpan (4th Dan & above) and attendants of the shinpan seminar is free (if you plan just to be referee only).



Notes and Requirements

Juniors’ Division*

The Juniors’ Division is limited to competitors aged 11 and under as at 7th  November 2015

Youth Division*

The Youth Division is limited to competitors aged 14 and under as at 7th  November 2015

Women’s kyu Division

The Women’s kyu division is limited to kyu grade and ungraded women. If not enough Kyu grade Women they will mix with the Woman’s dan competition

Women’s Dan Division

The Women’s Dan Division is limited to women of Sho-dan to San-dan grade.

Men’s kyu Division

The Men’s kyu division is limited to kyu grade and ungraded men.  If not enough Kyu grade man they will mix with the Men’s dan competition

Men’s Dan Division

The Men’s Dan Division is limited to men of Sho-dan to San-dan grade only.
Senior division*
With those over the age of 40 and are  Sho-dan to San-dan can compete in a separate division if the number is sufficient.
Inter-Club Team Competition

The Inter-Club Team Competition is mixed gender.
Teams are limited to a minimum of two and maximum of three members per team. Each team can have a maximum of 2 Dan-grad people. The maximum grade of competitors is San-dan.


Kendo practitioners with San-dan and above grades are welcome to be shinpan for the New Zealand Kendo Novice Championship.
Registration and attendance of the shinpan seminar is required in order to act as shinpan for the weekend’s shiai.


Please note that these times are only approximate.

Saturday 7th November

8: 00AM –

Doors open, Shinai check and weigh in. (last until 10:00AM)

8:30AM – 10:30AM

Opening Ceremony & Referees’ Seminar

10:30AM – 11:00AM
Morning Tea break
11: 00 ~ 12: 00PM

Juniors’ Division
12: 00PM –

Lunch time – Fried Rice & Fruit
12: 30PM –

Break, Warm up

1: 00PM -

Youth Division

2: 00AM –

Women’s Kyu Division

2: 30PM –

Women’s Dan Division

3: 00PM -

Men’s Kyu Division

4: 00PM –

Men’s Junior Dan Division

5: 00PM –

Goudo keiko

6: 00PM –

Doors close

Sunday 8th November
8: 00AM –

Doors Open, Shinai check and weigh in.
Warm Up

8: 30 AM

Inter-Club Teams Competition.

11: 00 ~ 12: 00PM

Lunch time – Pizza & Fruit

12: 00PM –

Break, Warm up

12: 30 PM –

Inter-Club Team Competition continues

2: 30PM --

Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony

3: 00PM –

Goudo keiko

6: 00PM –

Doors close

Rules and Regulations
-          All the rules are in accordance with the rules set by the Federation of International Kendo (FIK).
-          All matches leading to the finals are three minutes with continuous encho. The finals will be five minutes with continuous encho.

Free lunch, drinks and snack
A light lunch will be provided by lunch catering. Tea, milo and a light snack will be provided on the upper floor throughout the day.

Saturday Dinner fee & venue (Dinner cost $35 per head)
The information will be released once we finalised the number of participants and restaurant booking.

Other information
Please email to Marleen at


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