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2013B Beginners Grading

Welcome to our newest beginners who just joined us today! 21 September 2013 Getting ready ... Getting organised. Organising the name list. Group 1 - Kamae Group 1 - Footwork Grading Panel Group 1 - Kote Group 2 - Kamae Group 2 - Men Group 2 - Kote * Congratulations to our 2013B Beginners who have achieved 8th Kyu Kauri Tepana Ben Smith Jerry Jie Yang Xue Wen Joseph Maea Liam Mauch Sophie Laing Alicia Laing 7th Kyu Billy Maea Leon Lu Ko Phyo Santisha Clement Tangiwai Amopiu * Also, thanks to our senior members who came to help for serving the grading panel and giving feedback to the beginners.