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2018 Beginners Grading in May

Congratulations to all our 2018 Beginners who have achieved 10th Kyu in Kendo on Saturday 5th of May 2018.
This is an important milestone for their Kendo journey that celebrates  their dedication and hard work in the past three months.
Group photo for the Rototuna High School Kendo Club
Group photo for the St. John's College Kendo Club
* The successful candidates are:
L. Young J. Anderson E. Cartwright A. Safudin O. Burney-Magner
L. Manssen K. Bian L. Chen F. Leong C. Holten
J. Baunton-Browne  R. Sirimanne S. Sirimanne S. Zhou H. Ye
J. Lee Y. Hur S. Thanki B. Leeson B. McMorran
J. Winder L. Bixley O. Parsons