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Kendo-Blue by Walter in 2005

Here is a post on our old forum wrote by Walter in April 2005. I think it is still worth to forward it here for our beginners. (Walter is now a NZ Kendo Team member.) It's about "new bogu-on" and "Kendo-Blue" experience. + + + + + Way back in the dark depths of history (mid 2002) I had just put on bogu for the first few times and I seriously considered giving up kendo. Im not entirely sure why I felt as negatively as I did, but I was not enthusiastic. I think, partly, I felt that Kendo had become very tiring and hard, probably because of trying to cut with bogu on. Also, I started watching senior practice and it didnt look very exciting and I didnt understand much of what was happennng. Therefore Kendo, at the time, seemed difficult, tiring and not going anywhere desirable. Hmmm, Im not sure why I stayed .... Maybe one of the seniors said something, or maybe I just decided to trust that things would get easier. In any case I did stay (as you can tell) and Im ver

Clement: Thoughts about the 2009 NZKF National Seminar

Original post on Thu Jul 23, 2009 Um, thought I'll like to share my experience with everyone: Thoughts about the Kendo seminar In my opinion, the decision to host the 2009 NZKF Kendo Seminar here at the Waikato Kendo Club (WKC) dojo was undoubtedly the best decision ever made by our sensei. I’ll like to begin by sending my sincere thanks to both Sam and Marleen Sensei for their commitment and passion to furthering the kendo of each and every member of WKC. Let’s not forget that had our sensei not opt for the seminar to be hosted in Waikato that many of us would probably have missed out on this wonderful experience. After reading and hearing our fellow member’s thoughts (including Debbie’s fantastic self reflection), I’m certain that all of us, in one way or another, walked away from this seminar with a renewed appreciation for kendo and ourselves. Personally, I found this seminar to be an eye opening experience. I had a great time getting to know all the other kendo practitioners a

Update from Sumi sensei seminar in Auckland

Dear Teams, I hope you had a good training over the weekend with Jeffrey. Sorry for I didn't have time to inform you about the change in advance. But I do believe you will enjoy it ^^ We have a very fruitful weekend regarding Sumi sensei's seminar. Everybody learned heaps. Our senpai have a very successful grading at the seminar as well. Here are: We have Robin and Clement been graded to 2nd Dan ; Douglas 1st Dan , Annie 1st Kyu and Adam 3rd kyu . Alan sensei will organize a panel (grade to 2nd Dan) to Hamilton in 3 month time for people who cannot make to Sumi sensei's seminar. Another good news to tell is, we will have a PE professor to help us increase the fitness, flexibility and strength we need to lift up our Kendo level. I will introduce her to you tomorrow night before training. BE READY, there is only 8 weeks toward 2010 New Zealand Open Championships. All the best Marleen ^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Living your daily life with 100% effort, you won't feel regret in the en