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Yana - My Kendo Journey

Yana - My Kendo Journey
24 December 2018

Beginning (general)

Up until 2015 I was playing volleyball and lived through that sport. In January 2015 I got a really painful muscle spasm in my lower back. Then we found out I had scoliosis. I was 14 at that time, which is the latest age for fixing things like scoliosis, leaving me with little hope for playing sport in the future. This news meant I couldn't continue volleyball, as my spine simply couldn't support the pressure of jumping, landing and colliding. My mum forbade me from playing volleyball or doing any other type of sport from then on. This really made me despair, as a big chunk of my life was gone, and so is its social/physical benefits and the feeling of being alive.

Sometime later I also got asthma (living in an old house), which made my physical exercise experiences even harder for me.

Around the same time 2014-2016 I was reading a book series called "Young Samurai" which described a range of Japanese marshal art…

Valintine - my path to Kendo

My path to Kendo
15 December 2018

Kia ora my name is Valintine Thompson and this is my journey on the path to Kendo.

I've always admired Japanese culture because it reminds me of my in own identity of who I am. That's why I joined up in 2017 learning the basics and enjoying it. In time I learnt to improve. I've seen the movie the Last Samurai and Star Wars and found them quite good.

I knew a little bit what Kendo was about but since I joined up I've learned more. I am proud of both Sam and Marleen Sensei for their efforts in teaching us. 

On Wednesday and Saturday I come in early open the doors turn on the lights warm up before training. On Saturday I come in before 1.30pm although I am 7th kyu grade that doesn't stop me from helping others and also reflecting on what I learned and improving. 

I entered my first Novices Champsand did well and got a medal for good fighting spirit. My family have encourage me to always go to kendo and do my best. 

I've also made a lot o…

2019 Grading in January

Grading 26 January 2019
Waikato Kendo Association would like to congratulate the following members for their achievement in the January Grading 2019 held in Hamilton.

Warming up

Written Test
Announcing the results ... 
10th Kyu
Ava SmithSeb Shaw9th Kyu
Monica YuanJorden Peng8th Kyu Frankie RatcliffeJayden Peng7th Kyu Elliot PayneRandika Sirimanne6th Kyu Ryan Smith5th Kyu Darren Park4th Kyu Valintine ThompsonJennifer KanChristopher Kan3rd Kyu David NguyenChris Wallace2nd Kyu Griffin Walford1st Kyu James HaldaneCarl Ann LiewYana TwizellShodan Jason Nguyen

Hard work pays off.  congratulations! 
* Successful people are not gifted;  They just Work Hard, then Succeed on Purpose. (G. K. Nelson) 

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