Valintine - my path to Kendo

My path to Kendo
15 December 2018

Kia ora my name is Valintine Thompson and this is my journey on the path to Kendo.

I've always admired Japanese culture because it reminds me of my in own identity of who I am. That's why I joined up in 2017 learning the basics and enjoying it. In time I learnt to improve. I've seen the movie the Last Samurai and Star Wars and found them quite good.

I knew a little bit what Kendo was about but since I joined up I've learned more. I am proud of both Sam and Marleen Sensei for their efforts in teaching us. 

On Wednesday and Saturday I come in early open the doors turn on the lights warm up before training. On Saturday I come in before 1.30pm although I am 7th kyu grade that doesn't stop me from helping others and also reflecting on what I learned and improving. 

I entered my first Novices Champs and did well and got a medal for good fighting spirit. My family have encourage me to always go to kendo and do my best. 

I've also made a lot of good friends since Ive being their and learnt tips from them and shared stories with them. 

My goal is to continue Kendo and encourage anyone to have a go and make both my family and my sensei proud. I've done Kyokushine Karate and Olympic wrestling in the past but with Kendo I've come a long way since I first started and I'll continue on the path to become a modern day samurai. 

My motto is fight on and prove yourself to the fullest, and that is my story on the path to kendo.