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Yasu senpai's wedding photos

Congratulations to Yasu and Utako's wedding on 10 May 2008. Hello Yasu san, It's so nice to see your wedding photos! For those who don't know Yasunori san, he was our club senpai during 2003 to 2005 and has helped many Waikato members and beginners. He also made a Japanese website for us and makes us famous in Japan! Below is the mail from Yasu senpai on 30 August. ※ Hello Sam&Marleen. It is great to hear from you! How have you been? I attached my wedding photos, so please have a look. I have been thinking of sending you the photos much earlier, but I was too lazy.... My wife's name is Utako, same age as me. It is great to know that John and Emily, and Lance and Ayako had married. Congratulations! Next wedding might be Jefferry and Yayi? My new address is: ***** Hiroshima-city, Japan BTW, I will be a father in April next year. Hope to have a cute child like Joyce! Thank you very much for a wedding gift for me and my wife. I really appriciate your kindness. Lastly,

First Naginata Experience

Thanks to Mr. Roy Poon brought us the wonderful Naginata evening on 12 August 2008. Basic introduction about Naginata. Naginata in Action .... And congratulations to Roy for his success in Ni-Kyu during the 2nd International Naginata Seminar . There are 130 more photos about the evening at our Picasa Web Albulum: 2008-08-12 WKC Naginata Experience If you read Chinese, you are also welcome to visit Roy's blog about his NZ Kendo trip. NZ Kendo Trip 1 - Waikato Kendo Club NZ Kendo Trip 2 - Auckland Kendo Club

A review for the past and a reminder for the future - Clement

Thanks to Clement's contribution for noting the training on 2008 August 26. Review of what we have done this kendo year: Jumping Suburi Waza - Kaishi Do, Hiki Men, Hiki Do, Harai Left, Harai Right, Suriagi Men, Debana Kote, Kote-Do, Kote-Men and Tsuki-Men Kirikaeshi - Working on Ki Ken Tai Ichi, Sayo-Men, Taiatari Footwork Ki hon - Men, Kote, Do, Kote-Men, Kote-Do, Fumikomi After all that training, we have improved a lot of many areas, yet we still have a lot more to improve on. There are a few points that Sam Sensei wants to remind us: Tan-den - Especially with Kiai, the Ki should resonate from the Tan-den (around the lower Abdomen) and this produces a stronger and deeper sound. Marleen Sensei explained that it makes your kamae stronger with the tightening of the thighs. A saying "Qi Chen Dan Ten" literally translates to Ki from the Tan-den. Footwook - An exercise that we did today showed that some of us had trouble with our left ankle as we step forward. Sam Sensei e

The Importance and Purpose of Etiquette in Kendo

Thanks to Robin P sharing his knowledge in the 2008 Beginner Class. * * * The Importance and Purpose of Etiquette in Kendo - by Robin Parrington - One of the first things newcomers notice when they watch a kendo practice is that there seems to be a lot of bowing. We bow when entering the dojo, we bow to Shomen, we bow to Sensei and we bow to each other at the beginning and end of every rotation of partners. To understand why we do this we have to consider the origins of Kendo. That origin is from the samurai of Japan. The samurai were the military nobility and lived by their code of conduct known as Bushido or the way of the warrior. For the samurai good etiquette and proper behaviour were often a matter of life and death, for if he was to offend a superior or not show proper respect the consequences could be dire! Also, the conduct of samurai served as role model behaviour for the other social classes. Over the years samurai developed Kendo as a safe way to practice their sword skil

Post for 2008 Term 2 Beginners Class

Thanks to Clement's design for the nice post.

Grading on 02 August 2008

Grading results on Saturday 02 August 2008: Ichi (1st) Kyu  Robin P.  Awatea W.  Clement G. Ni (2nd) Kyu  Omar S.  James L.  Christopher M.  Joshua M. San (3rd) Kyu  Scott B.  Kevin P.  Douglas F.  Wen L.  Annie K.  Ann C. 5th Kyu  Tian L.  William C. Ps. The photos and video clips will be available soon.