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Update from Katsu

Tokyo University!!! Wow, Katsu ... Well done. We are all proud with you! ----- Original Message ----- From: Katsuaki Jimbo To: Marleen Charng ; Sam Tsai Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2007 10:51 AM Subject: Its been long time from Katsu Hello, Marleen and Sam. Katsu here. Its been long time since I left waikato, sorry for not telling anythig. I have been very busy, I had to work everyday and also need to study for the exams. Fortunately, I passed the entrance exams!!!!! I will study at Tokyo Univiersity from Octorber. I will continue studying environmental studies. One of the reason I passed was that I could keep my mind stable trought writing exams and interview. This stable mind is from Kendo I guess. So thank you thank you very much for everything you did for me. I guess our club member really enjoyed the summer camp which I watched the pictures. So many kendo people in our dojo, I can feel the good atmospere, tension and enthudism. I have no time to practice kendo right now, but I

Grading 2007-09-04

On behalf of Waikato Kendo Club, I would like to congratulate: - Tian Li - Wen Luo - Annie Ko - Gray Chapman who have achieved 8th Kyu in Kendo; - George Liu - Kevin Peng - Sang Won Kim - James Nam who have achieved 6th Kyu in Kendo; - William Kim - Clment Guo - Robin Kim - Omar Soemadipradja who have achieved 5th Kyu in Kendo; - Nicolus Stuyck - Angus Gray who have achieved 4th Kyu in Kendo; and - Joshua Mo - Christopher Mo - Andrew Fraser - Fumiko Akiyama - James Lee - Min Gi Kim - Ari Nuttale-Parton who have achieved 3rd Kyu in Kendo. Well done, all of you! That was a great grading and I am pleased to be part of your achievement. Getting higher grade also means more responsibility (such as taking care of other beginners and be a better moto-dachi) and more harder training. Anyway, please enjoy the photos (Thanks to DoHuan) and see you on Saturday. 100 Photos are available HERE !