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Some points about Do striking

I think here are some important points for our members regarding Do-cut: 1. In uchikomi-geigo , the issoku-itto-no-ma-ai of Do (kihon) generally is shorter than Men's ma-ai . However, it important to remember both Do and Men cuts have their first part almost identical e.g. toward to the centre. 2. While most of us can perform te-no-uchi when strike Men, it is crucial to also have te-no-uchi in the Do striking. This is closely related to the striking power and how you perform the following zan-shin . 3. The application of footwork such as the following up of left foot (both timing and distance) and the stability of waist is important to have your distance controlled.  4. In terms of seme , gently pushing opponent's shinai to get the centre line or to disturb her/his kamae is a common technique. However, it is also important that you don't destroy your own kamae while you are keen or focus to get what you want. 5. Point 4 also leads to the concept of Ke