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2008 NZKF Seminar Reflection - Clark

Hi there, Here are some points from this year’s camp: Firstly, in the Kata session, before Uchidachi and Shidachi physically cross Bokudos, both of them should rise up Ki and try to feel the tension and fight between Ki. After that, Inoue Sensi pinpointed several detail points in Kata one and two: 1. In Kata one, when Shidachi moving backward (Nuki),we should use okuri-ashi (sliding footwork) instead jumping backward. 2. In Kata two, both of Uchidachi and Shidachi should not just finish the sequence. From the beginning, Uchidachi should fight for the central line, (either push opponent’s shinai asides, or try to do Tsuki), at the moment, Shidachi should push back to keep own shinai at the central line. Then the timing for Kote will emerge. In the kihon training, between the Seme (with Kiai-yaaa) and actual attack (men, kote, or do), we should not have any pause or hesitation. Besides that, we should be ready at all time. Once the opportunity comes, we should show our Seme and initiate

2008 NZKF Seminar Reflection - Andrew

Hi all, here are a few thoughts/pointers from the camp. As Sam said Inoue sensei stressed the importance of not only listening carefully to your instructors, but to also take notes and then to implement these into your Kendo. I didn’t make any notes until I returned from the camp so I may have lost many gems of wisdom, maybe forever- I feel great shame for this!! Yesterday, (Saturday) Sam gave at least three pointers from the camp- I hope we can all make note of these, and the other gems that Sam gave us- before we forget. Please excuse me for anything I missed, perhaps Sam, Marleen, Clark and Terry can fill in the blanks or correct my mistakes. The 1st day of the seminar I attended was Saturday we assembled & the event was officially opened and the visiting sensei were introduced. Inoue sensei started the instruction with kendo kata, the 1st three. All of the basics of the kata are contained in these 1st three The ki-aii of YA for the 1st need to be long in this kata, as it is