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My experience in Ki in Kendo - Awa

Thumb up - Awa [Experience sharing from 3rd Dan and above senpai] Body-Mind Integration :  How do you use your Ki (mental/spiritual power) to lead your Ken and/or Tai (sword and/or body; physical power) in Kendo keiko? Ki – this is how I use Ki to help me in keiko and kendo in general. Ki through kiai to help my breathing and settle my mind but make it active and ready which also includes my body. Ki - to increase my vigour when tired. To get ready quicker and having that ippon feeling throughout my body.  My ki is also affected by how I interpret my body and mind on the day. If I haven’t rested well or I am physically tired I try to use my ki to pump myself up. Usually done by a louder kiai or remembering my goals.  If I am injured or sore focus on my strengths and strategies I can use to manage my body but with stronger ki to help complete the cuts.  Using my breath to focus ki and keeping lower abdomen engaged (tense) and vice versa breathing out slowly to

Kendo makes me try harder - Georgia

Georgia H. Beginners' reflection on "how Kendo has influenced my everyday life?" Kendo has influenced me by making me more fit, and it gets me off the couch just to practice. It gets me to do more than play games. When I work hard in Kendo, it makes me work harder on my other activities from school sports and games.  It also helps me to want to do more, to try harder. Even in crafts and when I am doing school work. Now I try harder in everything I do. To know more about our Beginner Class, click here!