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RHS Kendo Club grading - 2019 Term 3

2019-09-24 RHS Kendo Club The last lesson of Term 3 - Congratulations to all the members who joined the grading today and achieved their new grades! - Thanks to all the senior members in the Club who helped the kohai (juniors) preparing their grading and demonstrated good leadership!  - Thanks to Marleen Sensei for helping out the grading exams. - Thanks to all the parents coming to support the kids and helping out the event. - Thanks to all the members, Rex and Joyce for a great success of Term 3 Kendo lessons. Congratulations to Jacob, Levi, Tim, Felicity and Cassidy for achieving 10th Kyu in Kendo Congratulations to Lucas, Cody, T J, and Lovejot for achieving 10th Kyu in Kendo Congratulations for Annya and Lucas  for achieving 9th kyu in Kendo Congratulations to Isaac for achieving 8th Kyu in Kendo