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Kendo in every day life - Ian

Hi all. If you didn't know I am in China for a Year, not doing Kendo but studying Chinese. Being in a completely different culture is not easy at times. Life is supposed to be a little challenging otherwise why get out of bed in the mornings but being here definately has its challenges. The language, food, customs to name but a few. There have been times when it has been mentally challenging and I draw on my experiences as a Kendo player during these times. I think if the mind is strong enough to get through 1000 subari then anything else shouldn't really be a problem. So don't just think of Kendo as something you do on a Saturday or Tuesday at training but as a preparation for what may come in your life. With a strong mind many obsticles and challenges can be overcome. Think postive and reap the rewards. Ian (Bo Yan 包研 ) 13 March 2007 The following up posts is here at our forum!