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Be careful to fraud mails

A fraud mail, please don't reply . Dear All, I got this mail this morning sent to NZKF [info(at)]. Subject: your account has been blocked I think that it might also send to some of you. Please be careful and don't follow the re-activate link . It will get your login information and then steal your money. Phone or vist your bank branch is always the best solution! :) Regards, Sam * * Reply from Westpac Email Support * * Dear Mr Tsai, Thank you for your email. A spam email is circulating telling Westpac customers to follow a link and enter their password details. That e-mail was NOT sent by Westpac and is an attempt to capture the IDs and Passwords of the customers that responded. As with most spam e-mails, this has been randomly sent and has therefore been received by many non-Westpac customers. We have stepped up our normal level of security and suspicious transaction monitoring. Steps are currently being taken to close this illegal site down. The best protection fr

Yuri san's straight strike

A 'no fear' strike from a young gental University girl Yuri san.

Debbie - Yuri san and Takuma's visiting - 2009 03 09

Debbie’s Reflections from training on Tuesday evening 31th March 2009 I really enjoyed training last night and thought I would flick you an email to let you know my thoughts. It was neat because; - Takuma and Yuri brought a refreshing look to our Waikato Kendo Group. Refreshing because they blended in very well despite their obvious language barriers and newness. I realised that we truly do have a diverse bunch of Kendoists and that there is real depth of culture within in. Wow!. Takuma and Yuri were both very passionate about Kendo and I admired that. Although Takuma is young, he had an inherent 'no fear' attitude which I thought was fantastic for one so young. - I learnt alot from Yuri. It was a very different experience for me training with a female from outside of our club, who is very strong and confident in her Kendo. I realised that I too would like to have that same attitude and approach to my Kendo. For the 1st time last night I realized t

SportsToday Magazine - Kendo

Sam is on the Cover!!! Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at Ha Ha! It's not true ...... Have your own fun here: Fake Magazine Covers :)

Journey vs. Destination

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Douglas Date: Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 5:21 PM Wanshang hau Tsai Sensei, Good to hear from you, especially regarding your yoga Journey :) TRUE, I can see how there are many of parallels between yoga and kendo,as they are both life-long pursuits. As a SENIOR kendoka (not meaning Sempai, I mean OLDER person) I can appreciate life long pursuits, I should have started my kendo 40 years ago. Never mind Sensei it's no use crying over what never was, but to appreciate what we have at present. As we get older and go through life I'm finding it's the journey that's important, more than the destination . By the way, I am greatly enjoying my kendo!!!! I think finally after 2 years I am starting to understand things a bit more now, especially after giving new kohai the WRONG advice:( how embarrasing I don't think Marleen Sensei was very happy. Anyway my friend it's good Sensei Marleen and joyce are going to Taiwan to be reunited wi

Friendship from Japan

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Marleen Date: Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 11:15 AM Subject: [waikato-kendo] Fwd: Takuma To: Dear Team, For your information, below is an email coming from Takuma and Yuri's study trip coordinator. You have done really well ^^ Making friend through Kendo is always a good feeling, right? Cheers Marleen ^^ ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Eiji Date: 2009/4/1 Subject: Re: Takuma To: Marleen Thank you very much Marleen for your great help for my students. Takuma and Yuri enjoyed not only the training but also friendship with you. Yuri said you are extremely nice person and she was much impressed by the comfortable atmosphere of the jodo. Many thanks and I hope I will meet you soon. Please send our regards to every member of your club, Eiji __._,_.___ Waikato Kendo Club: Visit Your Group