Be careful to fraud mails

A fraud mail, please don't reply.

Dear All,

I got this mail this morning sent to NZKF [info(at)].
Subject: your account has been blocked

I think that it might also send to some of you.

Please be careful and don't follow the re-activate link.
It will get your login information and then steal your money.

Phone or vist your bank branch is always the best solution! :)



* * Reply from Westpac Email Support * *
Dear Mr Tsai,

Thank you for your email.

A spam email is circulating telling Westpac customers to follow a link and enter their password details. That e-mail was NOT sent by Westpac and is an attempt to capture the IDs and Passwords of the customers that responded.

As with most spam e-mails, this has been randomly sent and has therefore been received by many non-Westpac customers.

We have stepped up our normal level of security and suspicious transaction monitoring. Steps are currently being taken to close this illegal site down.

The best protection from this type of fraud is to never follow an e-mail link to a site where you will need to disclose secure information such as your password or ID. Always type the URL or web address yourself.

As you have received the e-mail please ignore it and if you are a Westpac customer and have clicked on the link or acted on the e-mail and disclosed your details please immediately change your password and call us on 0800 400 600.

All the best.

Westpac Email Support