Journey vs. Destination

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From: Douglas
Date: Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 5:21 PM

Wanshang hau Tsai Sensei,

Good to hear from you, especially regarding your yoga Journey :) TRUE, I can see how there are many of parallels between yoga and kendo,as they are both life-long pursuits.

As a SENIOR kendoka (not meaning Sempai, I mean OLDER person) I can appreciate life long pursuits, I should have started my kendo 40 years ago. Never mind Sensei it's no use crying over what never was, but to appreciate what we have at present.

As we get older and go through life I'm finding it's the journey that's important, more than the destination. By the way, I am greatly enjoying my kendo!!!!

I think finally after 2 years I am starting to understand things a bit more now, especially after giving new kohai the WRONG advice:( how embarrasing I don't think Marleen Sensei was very happy.

Anyway my friend it's good Sensei Marleen and joyce are going to Taiwan to be reunited with husband and daddy again:) Families should not be apart!!! We all look forward to seeing you back HOME in New Zealand really soon.

zaijian Douglas


MrWoody said…
Well said, Douglas. Perhaps the journey is everything?
We kohai appreciate your kind and thoughtful advice. Experience cannot be bought.
warm regards,