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2009 NZ Novice Champs and Referees' seminar report

Report of 2009 New Zealand kendo Novice Championships & Shimpan Seminar Congratulations to Waikato teams for the fruitful weekend. It was a great feeling to see you all trying best in each match and still having fun with it. Still, we would like to express our gratitude to all the friends, families and Kendoka who came along to support the event. Part I. People who work in the background: Thanks to people who kindly gave their time to help making me can completing the preparation. Here they are: Debbie – for WKC members' enrolment. Clement and Sam – finalised the info pack and certificates designation. Awatea , Omar – printing certificates and match draw, and tapes preparation. Dabao and Clement – shipping all the food supply and equipments. Sam – trophy and medal order. Awatea, Clement, Omar, Dabao, Adam, George, Jeffrey, Amigo, Chui, Gaelle …teams – shiaijo organisation before and after. Clement and Adam – shinai weighting. Lance , Marily