2009 NZ Novice Champs and Referees' seminar report

Report of 2009 New Zealand kendo Novice Championships & Shimpan Seminar
Congratulations to Waikato teams for the fruitful weekend. It was a great feeling to see you all trying best in each match and still having fun with it. Still, we would like to express our gratitude to all the friends, families and Kendoka who came along to support the event.

Part I. People who work in the background:
Thanks to people who kindly gave their time to help making me can completing the preparation. Here they are:
Debbie – for WKC members' enrolment.
Clement and Sam – finalised the info pack and certificates designation.
Awatea, Omar – printing certificates and match draw, and tapes preparation.
Dabao and Clement – shipping all the food supply and equipments.
Sam – trophy and medal order.
Awatea, Clement, Omar, Dabao, Adam, George, Jeffrey, Amigo, Chui, Gaelle …teams – shiaijo organisation before and after.

Clement and Adam – shinai weighting.
Lance , Marilyn and William – lunch distribution.
Kobe cafĂ© – referees lunch supply.
Do-Hun, Henry P., William, Awatea, Clement, Annie, Ya-Yi, Chui, Gaelle, Ruby (TSKD) and Il Soo (AKC) – score board keeping.
William, Jihoon and Joyce – time keeping.
Lance, Leo, Marleen -- On site photographers
If anyone I lost memory of your contribution, please forgive me. :-)
Thank you for each one of your participating.

Very special thanks to:
Alan Stephenson sensei who led us to overlook the Kendo shinpan's job and work it through with us. This invaluable lesson ensure us have better understanding in each aspect regarding our Kendo journey.
Ms. Karen Carmichael and Mr. Sunil Singh bring their professional knowledge to share with us in the work shop which indeed opens our view regarding preventing injury from Kendo training.
The trainee referees group: Thomas Hong (AKC), Philippe Gianni (AKC), Jeffrey Ke (WKC), Walter McCahon (Rembuden).

Part II. Individual achievement @ 2009 Novice Champs
Juniors demonstration match
1st: Joyce Tsai (WKC, 8 years old)
2nd Peter Ho (WKC, 11 years old)
Youth Division (15 years and under)
1st place: William Chuang (WKC)
2nd place: Peter Ho (WKC)
3rd place: Jihoon (Jason) Park (WKC)
Women's Kyu Division
1st place: Annie Ko (WKC)
2nd place: Lia Yosaamadtji (AKC)
3rd equal: Chui Suan Low (WKC) and Medea Pai (Rembuden)
Women's Dan Division
1st place: Tammy Lin (AKC)
2nd place: Ayako Murakami (WKC)
3rd place: Ya-Yi Huang (WKC)
Men's Kyu Division
1st place: Walt Kim (DMK)
2nd place: George Liu (WKC)
3rd equal: Adam Ward (WKC) and Simon Evans (WKC)
Men's Dan Division
1st place: Clement Guo (WKC)
2nd place: Amigo Huang (WKC)
3rd equal: Robin Parrington (WKC) and Awatea Williams (WKC)
Inter Club teams matches
1st place: Waikato team 7 including Sanjive Singh, Adam Ward, Do-Hun Kim.
2nd place: Waikato team 3 including Tei Pelant, Leo Lin, Amigo Huang.
3rd place: Waikato team 6 including George Liu, Clement Guo, Awatea Williams.

The 2009 Novice seems over but next Championships just begin!

Marleen Charng
President/ Chief Instructor
Waikato Kendo Club