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Kendo and Me - Claire

Something Sam sensei said tonight really stuck with me: "Kendo is not work, it's fun." Kendo is not only fun, but its also a skill and a way of life. We practice it just like any other skill such as running and painting by hours practice and repetition. The interesting thing is that Kendo, more strongly than any other skill I've acquired, shapes and moulds your character, making it also a way of life. To become good at any skill you must have mastery over the basics, and the only way to get that is through practice. I am still struggling with the basics so my goal is to train hard at every practice so I can master the basics while it influences my life for the better. Kendo reflection on Wednesday 30 August 2017

My Kendo Journey - Aiden

2017 Beginners - Aidan M.  Intermediate School Student Reflection about what I have learned from the Beginner Class: All through my learning in kendo I have been learning new movement, new theory, new etiquette. At the start we learnt footwork and etiquette. (We learnt these every-day but we were introduced to them then). In the first lesson (the trial). We learnt basic forward, backward, left and right movement. This was interesting, not what I expected in fact I thought there would be nothing if not very little, practical however I learnt heaps. Surprisingly (to you) this discombobulated me I was expecting a explanation of kendo and an explanation of what we were to do in the upcoming 15 weeks. This did happen, but it wasn't the whole 90 minutes. It was about 20 minutes, the other 70 minutes was practical. This is the lesson I learnt the most in. That is a surprise to me for I thought that I would learn the most in the second. They also showed me how bad my posture is.