Summer Grading 2019

Summer Grading 26 January 2019

Waikato Kendo Association would like to congratulate the following members for their achievement in the Summer Grading 2019 held in Hamilton.

Warming up

Written Test

Announcing the results ... 

10th Kyu
  • Ava Smith
  • Seb Shaw
9th Kyu
  • Monica Yuan
  • Jorden Peng
8th Kyu
  • Frankie Ratcliffe
  • Jayden Peng
7th Kyu
  • Elliot Payne
  • Randika Sirimanne
6th Kyu
  • Ryan Smith
5th Kyu
  • Darren Park
4th Kyu
  • Valintine Thompson
  • Jennifer Kan
  • Christopher Kan
3rd Kyu
  • David Nguyen
  • Chris Wallace
2nd Kyu
  • Griffin Walford
1st Kyu
  • James Haldane
  • Carl Ann Liew
  • Yana Twizell
  • Jason Nguyen 

Hard work pays off. 

Successful people are not gifted; 
They just Work Hard, then Succeed on Purpose.
(G. K. Nelson) 

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