Kendo-Blue by Walter in 2005

Here is a post on our old forum wrote by Walter in April 2005.

I think it is still worth to forward it here for our beginners. (Walter is now a NZ Kendo Team member.)

It's about "new bogu-on" and "Kendo-Blue" experience.

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Way back in the dark depths of history (mid 2002) I had just put on bogu for the first few times and I seriously considered giving up kendo. Im not entirely sure why I felt as negatively as I did, but I was not enthusiastic. I think, partly, I felt that Kendo had become very tiring and hard, probably because of trying to cut with bogu on.

Also, I started watching senior practice and it didnt look very exciting and I didnt understand much of what was happennng. Therefore Kendo, at the time, seemed difficult, tiring and not going anywhere desirable.

Hmmm, Im not sure why I stayed .... Maybe one of the seniors said something, or maybe I just decided to trust that things would get easier.

In any case I did stay (as you can tell) and Im very glad that I did!

I think the moral of the story is supposed to be that in Kendo (as in most things in life) you can go through hard periods. However, this doesnt mean you should quit immediately. Hold out for a while and it will hopefully become enjoyable again.

So thats a little story about the very beginning of my Kendo journey. We'll have to wait and see what happens in the future.

I love kakari-keiko

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