Update from Sumi sensei seminar in Auckland

Dear Teams,

I hope you had a good training over the weekend with Jeffrey.

Sorry for I didn't have time to inform you about the change in advance.
But I do believe you will enjoy it ^^

We have a very fruitful weekend regarding Sumi sensei's seminar.
Everybody learned heaps.

Our senpai have a very successful grading at the seminar as well.
Here are:

We have Robin and Clement been graded to 2nd Dan; Douglas 1st Dan, Annie 1st Kyu and Adam 3rd kyu.

Alan sensei will organize a panel (grade to 2nd Dan) to Hamilton in 3 month time for people who cannot make to Sumi sensei's seminar.

Another good news to tell is, we will have a PE professor to help us increase the fitness, flexibility and strength we need to lift up our Kendo level. I will introduce her to you tomorrow night before training.

BE READY, there is only 8 weeks toward 2010 New Zealand Open Championships.

All the best
Marleen ^^

Living your daily life with 100% effort,
you won't feel regret in the end of the day.


MrWoody said…
Wow - I am really missing out on good things. Congratulations to my dear friends Clement and Adam as well as all the other successful kendoka.
Was there a key message that Sumi Sensei imparted?
Marleen said…
Haha, MrWoody ^^

Heaps ^^